Tory BurchTashaki Miyaki"Cool Runnings"
GreenLeaf Anthony David"Cold Turkey (Midnight Jones version)"
Holidays (movie)Willie BAkerGoing Back Home
BillionsJason IsbellCover Me Up
FlakedAlex GSarah
FlakedI Break HorsesWinter Beats
NashvilleBrad ArmstrongThem Old Crows
Warren Miller's Chasing ShadowsSMDI waited for you
Jane the VirginBlac HazeGet Dat Money
King of The RoadJesus SonsTresspassing Blues
IZombieGirlpool"Before the World Was Big"
CatfishDylan LeBlanc"Im movin On"
Faking ItChalk and NumbersHappiness this time of Year
HeartbeatDylan LeBlanc"Look How Far We've Come"
Reparez les VivantsGirlpool"Paint Me Colors"
King of The RoadNegative ScannersLow
Honey 3 (film)The Very Best"Sweka"
The Long DarkFirst Aid KitLions Roar
Fall 2016 Polo LineDylan Le BlancCautionary Tale
MCM Worldwide online filmUlrika Spacek"Beta Male"
Manboys MediaGirls Names"Zero Triptych"
Hand of GodBenny Latimore"Have a Little Faith"
GAP Fall '15 Video MusicChalk and Numbers"Happiness This Time Of Year"
LetterkennyNalepa, Milo, Open Mike Eagle"Another One Of Mine"
F*ck, That's DeliciousOscar"Breaking My Phone"
F*ck, That's DeliciousKlaus Johann Grobe"Rosen des Abschieds"
PITCHJason Isbell"Relatively Easy"
Shangri La SuiteThe Night Beats"H-Bomb"
The AffairThe Very BestKanyle
Subaru 'Cut the Cord' Ad - Tashaki Miyaki "Keep Me In Mind (Alt Version)
Vaseline Lotion Ad - Those Dancing Days "Duets Under Water" - Click Here
SAP Ad - Pepe Deluxe "Night and Day"
The Impossible Trailer - DM Stith "Curtain Speech"
Dominos - Frankie & The Heartstrings "Hunger"
Nokia Ad - Lovvers "Creepy Crawl" 
Aldo Canada Ad - Veronica FAlls "Beachy Head"
Macleans Ad - Slow Club "Apples and Pairs"
Vodaphone Ad in Australia - Slow Club
Sun Chips Ad featuring Slow Club "Thinking, Drinking, Sinking, Feeling"
Apple Ad:
Ritz Ad featuring Slow Club "When I Go"
Yes Man Trailer - Broadcast 2000's "Pep Talk"

'Yes Man' Trailer @ Yahoo! Video
Southern Comfort 'Shark' Ad: Bushwalla "Little Red Riding Hood" cover
Nordstrom Back To School 2014 - Veronica Falls "Need You Around":
The Leftovers – Waxahatchee “Brother Bryan”
You’re the Worst – H. Hawkline “Broken Fingers” and Strange Markings “Bad People”
Extant – Elephant “TV Dinner”
House of Cards – Peggy Sue “Shape We Made”
Walking Dead – Waxahatchee “Be Good”
Parenthood – California X “Curse of This Nightmare”
Vampire Diaries - Courtney Barnett “Avant Gardner”
Playing House – Shonna Tucker “A Hat in the Studio” & Hugh Bob and the Hustle “Red, White and Blue Jeans”
Teen Wolf – I Break Horses “
Faking It – Tashaki Miyaki “Cool Runnings”
The Red Road – Mikal Cronin “Get Along”
Looking – Cate Le Bon “Sad Sad Feet”
Shameless – Mikal Cronin “Gone”, Peggy Sue “Watchman” and Wheel’s on Fire “Bad Lie”
Rake – Mariachi El Bronx “Norteno Lights”
Resurrection – First Aid Kit “Emmylou”
Killer Women – Jason Isbell “Stockholm”
Grey’s Anatomy - The Belle Game “Tradition”
Banshee - Hooray for Earth "True Loves"
Nashville – First Aid Kit “Emmylou”, Chalk and Numbers “I hope you do” & Los Campesinos “
Apple Itunes AD – Hooray for Earth “Somewhere Else”
Ikea – Those Dancing Days “Can’t Find Entrance”
Nike Basketball Ad (2014) – Featuring Hi Rhythm Band playing live in the Spot
Coach Online Ad (NY Spring 2014) - The Belle Game "Wait Up For You"
Levi – First Aid Kit “Emmylou”
Diane Von Furstenburg Online Ad - Rupa & The April Fishes " C'est Moi"
Paul Frank Online – Veronica Falls “My Heart Beats”
Norsk Tipping Commercial - Andrew Bird “Tenuousness”
Tony & Guy Online (Turkey Ad) – Cymbals “Summer Escaping”
L’Eau de Chloe - Lissy Trulle “Ready for the Floor”
Domino’s Pizza UK – Frankie and the Heartstrings “Hunger”
BBQ (French Film) – Jacco Gardner “Clear the Air”
In Your Eyes – BB Brown “I Weep”
Everyone’s Going to Die - Waxahatchee 'You're Damaged'
Beauty and the Geek - Peggy Sue "Yo Mama"
Jack - Love Inks 'Skeleton Key'
Barbeque - Jacco Gardner 'Clear the Air'
10 Years – Bushwalla “Mayhem is Beautiful”
Fully Loaded - Blac Haze "Get Loose"
Ruby Sparks – Mae Shi “Lamb and Lion inst”
Not Suitable for Children - Slow Club "Two Cousins"
The Impossible - DM Stith "Curtain Speech"
Kick Ass – Mariachi El Bronx “Silver or Lead”
Little Big Planet – Tashaki Miyaki “Can’t Take My Eyes off Of You”
Rocksmith – Cribs “We Share the Same Skies”
Singstore – First Aid Kit “Emmylou”
Tourism Island (Ireland Ad) - Girls Names "Lawerence"
Client List - First Aid Kit "Wolf"
Banshee - Hooray for Earth "True Loves"
Nashville- First Aid Kit "Emmylou"
HBO Latin Promo - Hooray for Earth "Never"
Underemployed - Ski Lodge "A Game"
Quicksilver - Hooray for Earth "True Loves"
X-Games - Sneak Peak "Walk All Over Me"
Washington Heighs - Veronica Falls "Teenage"
Quicksilver - Tashaki Miyaki "Keep Me In Mind"
Subaru 'Share the Love' Ad - Tashaki Miyaki "Keep Me In Mind (Alt Version)
Gossip Girl - Slow Club "Two Cousins", Veronica Falls "Misery" & Frankie & The Heartstrings "Possibilities"
10 Years Feature Film: Human Highway "The Sound", Findlay Brown "I Still Want You" & Bushwalla "Mayhem is Beautiful"
10 Years Soundtrack album - Bushwalla "Mayhem is Beautiful"
For a Good Time Call Soundtrack Album - Chalk and Numbers "He Knew"
White Collar - Frankie & the Heartstrings "Hunger"
For A Good Time, Call - Chalk & Numbers "He Knew", "Los Campesinos "By Your Hand"
HBO One Nation - Fol Chen "The Believers" & "No Wedding Cake"
Fringe - Little Feat "Dixie Chicken"
Revenge - Spectrals "You Can't Live On Love Alone
Parenthood - Mighty Dogcatchers " "It's Gonna Be A Mess"
Revenge - Bushwalla "I Raise Up"
Parenthood - Gruff Rhys "Senstations in the Dark"
Glee - Dolly Pardon - "Jolene" & "I Will Always Love You"
Weeds - Bushwalla "In the Future"
50/50 - Shapes and Sizes "Too Late for Dancing"
Final Witness - William Ryan Fritch "Intro", "Gurdle Pressed Ribs" & "Nell Cohens Waltz"
Sea No Sex & Sun (film) - Euros Childs "Horse Riding"
Toni & Guy online ad - Cymbals 
Chloe Parfume - Lissy Trullie "Ready for the Floor"
Teen Wolf - Tdd, our broken Garden
Sirens - Go Bang - Hot City,  Talk - Big Deal, Silver Screen - Beat Connection Microlite - Trophy Wife, Love Inks - Black Eye, I Break Horses - Cancer, Hearts and I Kill Your Love, Baby & Winter Beats
Carnival Videogame online ad - Those dancing Days "Home Sweet Home"
Break the Fall (feature film) - Frankie & The Heartstrings "Fragile"
Going the distance (feature film) - Cat Power "Could We" and Simian Mobile Disco "It's the Beat"
Nurse Jackie - Sufjan Stevens "Heirloom" and Liz Janes "Bitty Thing"
Canon online ad - Welcome Wagon "Up on a Mountain"
Inbetweeners - The Cribs "Men's Needs"
Restless (feature film) - Sufjan Stevens"
The Entitled (feature film) - Best Coast "Honey"
Weeds - Fol Chen "In Ruins"
Entourage - Wave Machines - "Keep The Lights On"
Bored to Death - "Law of the Least Efforts"
Cadbury Stars vs Stripes online - Hanoi Janes "The Boys Are Out"
Sony PS3 Online Ad - Los Campesinos "You, Me Dancing"
Vampire Diaries - Cribs "We Share The Same Skies"
Bored to Death - Helado Negro "Venceremos"
Hung - Sugarman 3 "Pure Cane"
Drop Dead Diva - First Aid Kit "Hard Believer"
Cyrus - Fol Chen "Cable TV"
Drop Dead Diva - Stars "Undertow" 
Kick Ass Trailer - Mariachi El Bronx
  View Clip Here
Gossip Girl - White Rabbits "Right Were They Left" & "Percussion Gun"
One Tree Hill - Black Gold "Plans and Reveries"
The Factory - Toby Lightman & Ming "Forgot Myself"
Royal Pains - Stills "Being Here"
Friday Night Lights & OST "Come Thou Fount Every Blessings"
Sky pre-champions League - Bloc Party "SRXT"
Gossip Girl - Lissy Trullie "Ready for the Floor"
Coors Light Ad - Ireland featuring Los Campesinos! "You! Me! Dancing!"
Whip It (feature film) - Rafter "ZZZPenchant"
Kings - Bobby Evans "Freak-a-zoid Robots"
Breaking Bad - Chop Black "High Speed"
The Eleventh Hour - Proto "One In A Million
ER - Tone Loc "Wild Thing"
Brothers and Sisters - Jason Mraz "Beautiful Mess"
Ugly Betty - Au Revoir Simone "Lucky One"
Chuck - Slow Club "Christmas TV"
Blackberry Storm - Simian Mobile Disco "I Believe"
Kings - Haunts "Live Fast Die Young"
Samantha Who - Simian Mobile Disco "Hustler"
Friday Night Lights - Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson "The Debtor"
Kath and Kim - Tone Loc (Peaches Remix) "Wild Thing"
Ugly Betty - My Brightest Diamond "Freak Out" (Gold Chains Panique Remix)
Samantha Who - Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings "Be Easy"
Gossip Girl - Bloc Party "Signs" and "biko"
11th Hour - Blac Haze "Get Dat Fete" - 2 uses
MTV Living on the Edge (UK) - Stars "Undertow" 2, Los Campesinos! "Death to Los Camp.." and Bloc Party "Letter To My Sons"
CSI: Miami - Bloc Party "Mercury"
CSI: NY - Bloc Party "Biko" and "Better Than Heaven"
Kath and Kim - SMD "It's the Beat" and Blac Haze "Get Loose"
Ex List - Those Dancing Days "Run Run"
Samantha Who - Jeremy Kay "Can't Wait Till Tomorrow"
L Word - Those Dancing Days "Run Run" and Justin Electra "Killalady" and "Calimba Song"
Ritz Ad - Slow Club "When I Go"
Baby on Board - Von Iva "Birds of Prey"
Midnight Club LA (Rockstar Video game) - Bloc Party "Mercury"
Cleaner - Cat Power "Metal Heart"
Middleman - Au Revoir Simone "Stars"
Ugly Betty - Cyndi Lauper "High & Mighty"
CSI:NY - Operator Please "Just a Song about Ping Pong", Leo Minor "You Can't Drag Me Down" ; Bloc Party "Hunting for Witches" and Dillinger Escape Plan "Milk Lizard" 
Samantha Who - Jeremy Kay "Can't Wait"
Angus Thongs & Perfect Snogging - Peter , Bjorn and & John's "Young Folks"
Yes Man - Bloc Party's "So Here We Are"
College Trailer - Cribs "Our Bovine Public"
One tree Hill - Her Space Holiday "The New Kid Revival" 
Cane - Emma Pollock "Optimist"